Let's Make A Stand Together

It’s time to take our waters back!

The expansion of industrial aquaculture farms in the waters in the Channel and around Tasmania
is shocking and deeply concerning for the future of our fisheries and the health of our marine environment.
 The Federal Australian Govt has declared Bruny Island a biodiversity hotspot but the State Tasmanian
Government have ticked off on the expansion of these polluting farms around Bruny Island.

These waters belong to the people of Tasmania and the people of the world - they are ours.
They belong to the First Tasmanians, beach goers, rec fishers, kayakers, shackies, sailors - us, the people of Tasmania.  
They are not owned by the multinationals that run Tassal, Huon and Petuna. 

You can join in and help us get industrial fish farms out

Upcoming Events

Help Us Bring About The Change Needed
Get involved with the various events coming up, participate and make your voice heard too. Change will come if we all make an effort.
18March, Saturday

Flotilla The Channel

  • May 18, 2023 @ 9:30 am
  • Coningham Beach
05April, Wednesday

Heart of the Island – Film Premiere

  • April 5 @ 6:00 pm
  • State Theatre, Hobart

News & Information

Keep Up To Date
The latest news and information as the campaign to remove fish farms from our waters continues
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Land Based Fish Farms Are Real
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Massive Land Based Fish Farm Proposed
A$755 million land-based RAS deal in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia plans 600,000 tons a year by 2030...

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